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My 2017 Goal List

I love setting goals and I know that sounds nerdy, but they are honestly the reason I hit so many of my dreams last year. Any big idea I had I wrote down with exactly how I was going to achieve it.

And I hit nearly every single one (plus smashed some goals out of the park!)

I always find it interesting reading exactly other people’s goals and how they make them up (and to be fair, what their numbers are, because I’m a big old sticky beak!)

Goal 1.  I aims to make a pastries healthier, lighter, and less sweet.

Goal 2.  Be inspired by simple taste of Nature

Goal 3. Go Sugar free & Gelatin free

Goal 4. Get a licence

Goal 5. Get help from local bakeries to resale my pastries

Goal 6.  Get my business cards, logo, flyers

Nature is so perfect. Why go to more trouble?

Valentine’s Day What to do?

Valentines Day is big business for cupcakes, sweets, baked items and cake pops.

I run my businesses differently From other Bakeries. Some of us are super organised, and some not so much. I like to believe that I am a little in between with being at the ‘organised chaos’ stage.

I really like to believe that I am organised and have everything set in place, a plan, a goal, an action to take… but sometimes it doesn’t happen this way.

For the past 2 years of running my business, I have tried to keep track of all of the holidays that are celebrated around the world in Cape Town, and always plan to do up a special promotion with my cakes, cupcakes or biscuits to try and target sweet lovers for these days.

For the past 2 years… I’ve kinda failed miserably!

But 2017 is off to a great start.